Training + Coaching: A Knockout Strategy

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I really like this video explaining the difference between training and coaching. This also happens to be one of the themes of the upcoming European Training Conference (ETC) in Amsterdam.

I think the difference between training and coaching is generally well understood. But it is also true that companies often prefer training sessions over coaching, simply because training a group at once is more efficient.

Focusing on training only is an example of ‘checkbox mentality’. A manager just ticks off the training checkbox and feels he has done his job. Yet getting actual measured results from the training session is an entirely different matter.

Measuring results

Companies spend way too little time and effort measuring the effect of training on their employees. Yet how will managers ever know if their training budget was well spent? During the ETC we devote an entire track to measuring training results.

Also, if a company really wants its employees to apply the knowledge they acquire in training, they will have to do some sort of follow up. And coaching is one of the more effective follow up strategies.

Buzzword: blended training

I feel coaches and trainers themselves could be more aware of the benefits of combining training and coaching. Why not advise your clients about blended training programmes, where different coaching and training styles can be combined? E-learning, classroom training, on the job training and video training are all tools you can combine to improve a company’s results.

If you are eager to learn more about blended learning styles and how coaching and training can complement one another, make sure to come to the European Training Conference on November 10th and 11th in Amsterdam. Grab the opportunity to be trained and coached in your own profession.

See you there!

Eric Klaver

Trainer and Event Organiser

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