Ever Had People Dozing Off During A Training Session? Here’s How To Stop It.

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People check their smartphones 2617 times a day, according to a 2016 study. A disturbing fact for trainers and coaches, since they probably have no qualms doing it during your training session.

In this era of smartphones and social media, attention has become one of the most rare and sought-after currencies. Gone are the days when people would happily spend an entire day in a training session, glued to their seats, looking at slide after (boring) slide.

Welcome to 2017. Where a trainer really can’t get away anymore with a few bullet points in a Power Point presentation. Before the third slide everyone will be either yawning, thinking about their next holidays or checking their smartphones.

As trainer David JP Phillips states in his TED talk below, 90% of the information in a Power Point presentation will be deleted from your audience’s memory after 30 seconds. (Scroll to 4:01 in case you don’t want to sit during the entire 20-minute talk.)

Of course your presentations aren’t just about slides and bullet points. But the way people absorb information is changing so rapidly, it’s almost inevitable to lose them at some point.

Almost inevitable.

For as brittle as attentions spans are these days, there are plenty of ways to keep your audience attentive, engaged, and yes, even spellbound. Sure, making your Power Point presentation more interesting helps. But it’s not the only thing.

The buzzword here is engagement. Make your audience feel they are part of the session. Try including gaming elements, like a pub-quiz where people have to answer questions on their smartphones. (Use those darned distraction machines to your advantage!)

And why should a training session be all one-way traffic? Let your audience talk! Engage them in an open discussion about the topics you’re covering. They’ll have no choice but to focus and reflect on your content. And they’ll love it.

As trainers and coaches we need to adapt our methods to suit the times. Are your training and coaching tools ‘smartphone era proof’? Or is it time for an update?

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Eric Klaver
Trainer at FourPlusMore & Organizer of the European Training Conference 2017

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