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WEBICOACH: “Train to start, Coach to implement”

It is assumed that coaching should be done 1-to-1. Why? Because it touches to the individual while training touches skills linked to the job, that is common to all team members performing the job. Although it is recognized as a powerful method, and sometimes a need, for performance improvement, managers are still reluctant to coach or deprioritize it to get other tasks done. Why? Because it takes time and effort… and is made 1-to-1. But does it have to be like that? Why wouldn’t it be possible to coach a team altogether? When coaching is about implementing new skills learned in a training course, there are many common grounds in a team.

During this session, you will learn how to coach a group through webinars to follow-up a training course, to remove barriers and implement learning at work.

Participants will leave the session with:

  • An understanding of the benefits of group coaching
  • Ideas to implement coaching through webinars
  • The fundamental rules to make it work
  • New possibilities from WebicoachTM

“The European Training Conference is a unique opportunity at this time of the year, to get new insights for your L&D strategy for next year. And I am very excited to share my ideas. It will also be a chance to connect with new people.”

Who is Virginie Chasseriau

Virginie Chasseriau is the founder and CEO of A Cup of Learning Ltd. Virginie is an experimented Learning provider who has worked for 15 years in a Corporate environment. She managed a training department before moving at global level. Virginie has extensive experience in delivering webinars and implementing blended learning strategies.

At A Cup of Learning we strongly believe that L&D people in organizations have a key role to play beyond training delivery. They can facilitate connections between employees, contribute to expand the company culture and create a good working environment, positively influence employee’s engagement, support business development strategy. But have you ever had the feeling and frustration of L&D being involved too late in the decision-making process?

At A Cup of Learning, we coach trainers to better engage with management so that they can influence the decisions and build a learning culture. We also coach trainers to better engage with learners in their learning programme.

At A Cup of Learning, we believe that webinars are a powerful and low-cost means to engage with people from various locations. However as powerful as it is, it can also be devastating by giving the feeling that an action was done when nobody was engaged. That’s why we support organizations and self-employed to design and produce their webinars.

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