Sylwia Plaza


Being Present in the land of space cadets

Lying inside us, untapped, is a powerful force…our key to unlock people’s potential.

This workshop will raise your awareness in the way you engage with yourself, your life and the way you develop and connect with people.  

It will give you a great opportunity to explore and experience the impact of Being Present in the context of people’s development.

During the workshop we will tap into and tune into our best potential – the vital energy of Being Present and explore how you and people you develop can translate this energy into sustainable changes and results.

I will challenge your boredom. Hijack you out of your comfort zones. Stretch your mind. Break your behavioural and thinking habits so you can experience transformation and build the momentum for yourself and your profession.

Welcome to Being Present workshop. Get curious. Get excited. Get Present.

“Why am I excited to join the ETC faculty? Because it gives me an extraordinary opportunity to disturb people, challenge their thinking and their developmental practices so they are able to authentically connect and recognize developmental needs of people they train, coach, mentor, etc.”

Who is Sylwia Plaza

I AM, and I am fully PRESENT to life and to my role. My developmental programs are for those…”who dare to learn, dare to venture, dare to achieve”

I currently work for 5 star airline in the Middle East where I “was Present” to many roles. Currently my role is to develop managers, auditors, trainers, coaches in their roles and manage their performance.

I design and conduct developmental programs, workshops, Chief-edit monthly publication for Leaders, where i also write articles on leadership and human capital development.

I am researcher of learning and development and I chose to fully dedicate myself to that field. I believe you can extract great developmental value out of every discipline and literally everything ( you may have a look on my Instagram account secret_of_savoir)and i facilitate that development process with my customers.

I am professional trainer ( certified by Performa/Etihad) and ATD certified consultant

I’ve been a member of ATD – world’s largest talent development association, attending their conferences and engaging in their human development activities.

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