Stefan op de Woerd


70-20-10 & New Learning Technology

What does it take to change behavior? And how can you use New Learning Technology (NLT) to enhance the chance at success? Stefan Op de Woerd is the founder of the Dutch Start-Up Perflectie and will share his inspiring story about ‘70-20-10’, ‘Action Learning’ and the way NLT can facilitate growth. At the end of this Keynote you will have a clear understanding of the opportunities NLT offers and how this can strengthen you as a trainer/coach.

“This conference has the ambition to inspire and challenge trainers and prepare them for the next decennium! I am proud to be one of the plenary speakers and share my thoughts on 70-20-10 and how you can use New Learning Technology to stimulate and facilitate people in their daily lives.”

Who is Stefan Op de Woerd

Stefan Op de Woerd founded Perflectie from the belief that something was missing to help people and organizations change successfully. In his years as manager of an online marketing department he noticed how little tended to change after employees went to a training. Not only a great waste of money, but more importantly a waste of energy of all those who become disillusioned with their prospects of developing new behavior. With Perflectie, Stefan developed an innovative methodology based on the principles of ‘70-20-10’ supported by an interactive, online platform. Since 2012 Perflectie has seen rapid growth and has been adopted by a large number of leading Dutch companies.


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