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Making powerful business cases for training and coaching

For the business case for a training or coaching initiative to be powerful and credible it needs to use the language of the business to gain its respect and show how progress can be measured to prove its worth.

To do this we need to build a “chain of impact”. One that shows the budget holders clearly and credibly how the various aspects of the initiative will play their part in delivering the desired business results. But how to do this? What links are needed in this chain of impact?

In this session we will explore:

  • How we can use Kirkpatrick’s Four Levels as a planning tool rather than just as a post event evaluation tool
  • How to build a credible chain of impact
  • The need to work up the items at each level into robust objectives
  • The key components of objectives at each level
  • The use of ‘milestone’ objectives
  • The need for a cost/benefit analysis

This approach will help you to develop and achieve your business’ ambitions (such as developing new services, increasing profitability or reducing waste), to know if the interventions are working, and the changes you seek are being realised; and provide clarity that enables any issues to be identified and addressed sooner rather than later to ensure your success. It will also enable you to understand the value of your organisational development activities and to deliver the desired return on investment (ROI).

“I am looking forward keenly to meeting training and coaching professionals from a wide range of backgrounds and picking up ideas that I can use to help my clients.”

Who is Nick Smith

Nick is a consultant and trainer with over 25 years experience specialising in the planning, monitoring and evaluation of programmes to maximise the performance improvement of participants and the impact of the projects.

He has worked as both a regulator and a compliance consultant in the financial services sector specialising in Training and Competence (T&C) arrangements. He has experience of a wide range of training and development projects, working with advisers, managers and compliance staff. The projects have included: the development and implementation of T&C arrangements appropriate to differing circumstances including life offices and investment banks; the back office and contact centres; heading working groups on T&C; undertaking regulatory T&C audits; and carrying out audits for the Financial Skills Partnership (FSP) Award for Training Excellence.

Nick delivers technical training and consultancy on the establishment of competence based training arrangements and measuring the performance improvement delivered by and the impact of L&D projects using evaluation methodologies. He is an assessor for the ROI Foundation Award which is offered by Pearson.

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