Matthew Storey


‘The Caring Canvas’ – The Dynamic of True ‘Picture Book Coaching’

‘Finding the Positive Intention behind EVERY action’: My presentation will ensure that coaches will place the coachee in the centre of their own world through providing a ‘caring canvas’ for them to paint their own future. I believe in the humanity of ZERO judgement and 100% emotional proximity.

‘I am very excited to join the European Training Conference faculty – and to me, ETC also stands for exceptional training and coaching. I am proud to be able to truly collaborate with everyone and to share ideas, passion and enthusiasm. Together, we all have one single aim – to develop and help people in every walk of life. In coaching, everyone can be empowered through one of the greatest privileges in life – learning and discovering more about ourselves every day. There is no better forum than the European Training Conference to enjoy such discovery’.

Who is Matthew Storey

Matthew has always shown true versatility in his approach to learning and development. He passionately cares for the growth of others and has a unique memory for people and their needs. His learning interventions are carefully designed and innovatively tailored to always delight his customers.

Author of ‘The 3 ‘R’s of Customer Service: Putting Humanity Back into Customer Relationships’, he is on a mission to drive a more empathetic planet. Matthew is a master practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and his work as a business trainer and life coach for his own company has seen him train and develop thousands of people across the UK and abroad – across multiple industries.

Everybody speaks glowingly of Matthew’s enthusiasm and passion for everything he does and his attention to detail and desire to help others is second to none. His love of versatility is evidenced through his grasp of both soft skills and technical subjects. This will readily encapsulate sales, customer service, change management, financial services, budgeting, communication, assertiveness, time management, digital engagement, coaching, organisational design, vision and values, financial control, leadership and management and strategic focus.

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