Lisa Lentino


Neuroscience and Moving Clients Beyond Self-Sabotage

As a coach, it’s a beautiful thing to watch a client experience an “aha” moment. But as professionals, we know this is the easy part and now the real work begins. All too often, clients self-sabotage their growth and progress. A greater understanding of neuroscience and how the explicit and implicit mind are often at odds with each other along with techniques such as mindfulness can help clients make concrete behavior changes and move beyond self-sabotage.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Understanding the distinction between the explicit and implicit mind and how each impacts a client’s ability to create lasting changes in their lives;
  • Understanding why change is often accompanied by anxiety, doubt and guilt and how to help your clients continue to take action in spite of these feelings;
  • Strategies for helping your clients avoid self-sabotage;
  • Mindfulness and strategies for increasing your client’s mindfulness skills;
  • Strategies for increasing your client’s level of self awareness;
  • How to help your clients become more Constructive Thinkers and conscious creators of their ideal lives.

“I’m passionate about self-actualization and empowering people to live their ideal lives. I absolutely believe in the power of coaching to help propel people to the next level of their professional and personal lives. I am honored to be joining the ETC faculty and appreciate the opportunity to share my knowledge of Psychology and Neuroscience with coaches and trainers to help increase their effectiveness with moving clients beyond the common tendency for clients to sabotage progress outside their comfort zone. “

Who is Lisa Lentino

Lisa Lentino, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist who has been practicing for 16 years and has had a successful private practice for 12+ years. She is the CEO of The Coaching Connector, Inc. – a company designed to increase the public’s awareness and utilization of coaching and coaching related products along with helping coaches build successful practices. She is also the author of Constructive Thinking How to Grow Beyond Your Mind and has a passion for helping people live more ideal lives. Lisa seeks to share her 20+ years of experience in Psychology with coaches to help increase their effectiveness with their clients.

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