Karlijn L’Ortye


Make it Personal

In my opinion companies are lazy when it comes to personal development, they outsource training  mostly in groups, and expect employees to apply and secure the knowledge provided in a training themselves. There is no such thing as ‘one size fits all’.

Besides that companies often think personal development equals custom made which sounds expensive. Here comes Talent Management, another way of thinking, training, developing, reflecting ánd assessing the employee. Let’s change the perception!

In this session we are going to make it personal. You, yes you as an attendant, will make your own Talent Tree. You are going to apply all of the information heard on day 1 and to be heard on day 2 to yourself!

Rethink, Reboost and Reflect in this highly energetic session to grow a little bit more!

“My vision is to make personal development personal again. Grow in your talents and do what you love!”

Who is Karlijn L’Ortye

Inspirator and serial entrepreneur Karlijn L’Ortye started young, she was 11 when she ran an small candystore in her neighborhood. At the age of 22 she started as a fulltime entrepreneur and now 13 years later she is building the third company. One of them was a successful training agency. Karlijn is trainer in several corporate companies like Nike, KPN and Rabobank. She is also often found on stage to spread her energy and ideas.

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