Józefa Fawcett


Stirring Up A Cauldron of Creative Ideas

This creative talk was first presented at Executive Learning Forum, Berlin (April 2016), LiberateHR Business Women’s Network, Wales (May 2016) and Executive Learning Forum, Disneyland Paris (December 2016). This session will stimulate those who want to focus on not just what gets PUT INTO a training course and HOW it’s delivered, but on what learners actually TAKE OUT.

“Eric and the team have done a fantastic job in bringing together a diverse range of expertise from across the world of training, learning and development ~ I can’t wait to share, network and talk nothing but training for two whole days!”

Who is Józefa Fawcett

Double Global HR and L&D Award-Winner Józefa Fawcett is Director at JFI (people management specialist consultancy), University lecturer (London, Moscow and Madrid) and most importantly ~ a woman on a mission!

She wants to ‘combat complacency and waste of training’ and help create effective people managers, that understand how to lead the gig-economy workforce of the future.

Through her many professional roles, she not only works with people managers to develop their skills, but also encourages them to use what’s been learned to generate new ideas and creative thoughts, which can lead to innovative practice that works for them, their organisation and their teams. When used effectively, training can improve performance, reduce costs, improve quality and provide real results that will keep any Executive Board happy. Over three decades she’s designed and delivered training, facilitated workshops and coached individuals, business and academic teams in 34 countries on four continents.

Józefa says: “If after training there’s no change in behaviour or operational practice back at work, then why did you waste money and time doing it in the first place?”

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