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Presenting and running workshops with an international audience

Presenting and running workshops successfully with a group of individuals from different countries can be a difficult thing to get right. Language and cultural barriers can create challenges for participants to understand and trust you as a presenter & facilitator and can also make it more difficult for them to collaborate or work with participants from other countries or cultures.

You will learn: what it takes to build trust and rapport with people from any culture how to best present and collaborate with participants from any country avoid etiquette faux-pas that can offend other cultures.

“I am excited to connect with like-minded people from many different parts of the world, and pick up some valuable skills at the same time!”

Who is Joanna Smit

Joanna Smit works as an independent cross-cultural consultant and trainer and is specialised in how multi-national teams cooperate together effectively. 

During her prior successful career in investment banking and international finance for a global corporation, she saw international teams and leaders struggle to cooperate and understand different national working styles on a regular basis. 

She witnessed how cultural differences led to team conflicts, project failure and lack of leadership. Another common issue centered around the difficulty of global corporates to adapt to customers in local markets. 

Through her own international experience (Joanna has lived and worked in several countries and speaks 7 languages) she knew that so many of these issues could have been avoided if we only knew a bit more about the other person’s culture. 

Which is why she switched and retrained as a cross-cultural consultant for multinational teams and international sales teams. Using the latest findings in cross-cultural psychology and management theory, she now helps businesses connect better with their international audience and multi-national teams cooperate effectively. 

Example topics include: how to build strong relationships across cultures, presenting to an international audience, completing projects across time zones, effective virtual communication and handling difficult conversations in a culturally sensitive way.

Her services give her clients the key to operate in an increasingly globalised world and to make their international business activities a success.

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