Jacqueline Wilson


Are those firecrackers I hear? Preparing to train in the world’s hotspots

Rather than ‘rolling with the punches,’ learn practical techniques and strategies to respond professionally to the challenges of the most difficult environments. From training in a tent when a snake appears, to training in a dark room when the electricity goes out, learn how to prepare like a pro.

“I am thrilled to present training techniques I’ve honed in some of the world’s most dangerous conflict zones, but I am also keen to learn from Europe’s best trainers!”

Who is Jacqueline Wilson

Dr. Jacqueline Wilson has three decades of training, teaching, and facilitation experience in both civilian and military capacities. She worked for the U. S. Institute for Peace for over a decade, and designed and implemented over a hundred capacity-building workshops, dialogues and assessments in over 25 countries. She specialized in local peace processes and electoral violence prevention, working in some of the most conflict-affected fragile states in the world including Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, and Sudan. She is now a Principal of a woman-owned small international mediation business, Civic Fusion International.

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