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Our subconscious mind is the foundation of everything we think, feel, all our beliefs, decisions, actions and behavior. In addition, the subconscious controls our entire physiology, which is crucial to our survival and our health.

During this lecture you will be taken on a fascinating and surprising exploration of your own subconscious mind.

NeuroCoach Jaap Mackaay explains how our brain processes information, what will do our brains differently in emotionally traumatic events and how it affects stored and recently discovered neurophysiological jammers have here on our emotions, behavior, performance and health. Afterwards you will meet a specially developed, groundbreaking approach that makes it possible to recognize these subconscious jammers in the brain, locate and permanently disarm”

“A great opportunity to grow”

Who is Jaap Mackaay

Jaap Mackaay (1964) works as an independent neuro- and leadership coach and is very interested in the authentic motivation of people. After a successful career in the police and the provincial government, he switched to business. In various executive and managerial positions, he saw people struggle with, inter alia, cooperation, leadership, dealing catch up with expectations (by others) results, psychosomatic complaints … and themselves. What he thereto particularly noticed was that people do not usually bothered were lack of training and abilities, but by their own – unconsciously limiting – beliefs that they have accumulated during their lifetime. Since 2008 he is for that reason fully focused on the domain where the “jammers” are: the subconscious part of our brain. Now he helps people grow based on advanced neuroscientific insights into the workings of the brain. With amazing results.

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