Celina Tobias-Grasso


Delivering Effective Online Training

This presentation will cover current best practices and tips and tricks for trainers who work in the field of e-learning, or those who need to deliver training content online. You will learn the importance of:

  • Integrating learning science with experience design to deliver effective trainings;
  • Incorporating interactivity and usability when designing online training materials;
  • Latest trends in online training;
  • Best practices for online trainers;
  • Taking advantage of the many (free) resources available.

“I’m impressed by the comprehensive and innovative program of this year’s European Training Conference and I’m excited to contribute to a hopefully prolific discussion on online training as part of the ETC faculty.”

Who is Celina Tobias – Grasso

Dr. Celina Tobias-Grasso is a Training Manager for E-learning for a hearing implant manufacturer based in Innsbruck, Austria. Celina has several years of experience in e-learning and has created online training solutions for professionals, specifically biomedical engineers and healthcare providers, worldwide. She is passionate about online training and education and believes that anybody can become an effective online trainer, you just need the right guidance and tools.

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