Banu Katircioglu


How game-based learning and gamification can boost engagement in training

Current e-learning is boring, ineffective and lacks motivation. Online training is just not engaging enough, and the average completion ratio of courses is 25%. And the ratio of employees who voluntarily enter training platforms is even worse. And all this has a huge cost for any company. But… how to increase the ‘engagement’ of your online training activities?

We will go over:

  • How to turn training content into tools which are directly applicable to any professional profile through the game;
  • How to avoid definitions, models and theories to offer truly useful skills through experiential learning;
  • How to link the benefits of your training to the personal and professional success of your employees;
  • How to turn your training solution into a fun, attractive and competitive challenge.

“I’m so excited to be part of The European Training Conference, a reference event to discover the new trends in Training & Development around the world. A great opportunity to meet colleagues to create sinergies, to talk about the effectiveness of the gamification and to share a new way to train people through video games. Are you ready to play?”

Banu Katircioglu

Between Orient & Occiendet | Banu Katircioglu is a multicultural business expert specializing in game-based learning and gamification for soft skills training.

Her experience and passion for delivering award-winning training to companies across a diverse array of sectors shines through in each and every one of her enthusiastic and entertaining presentations. 

This unrelenting enthusiasm has afforded Banu the opportunity to give presentations on engagement and game-based learning at such prestigious HR and L&D events as the Zukunft Personal, SelC, Learntec, European Training Conference, Fleming Events and many more located in the D-A-CH and BeNeLux regions.

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