Arnon Barnes


How to master the stage

In this inspiring session world-class trainer, Arnon Barnes will share the ‘must-know’ SECRETS on how to Master the Stage! Arnon has trained internationally all over the world, changing lives and sometimes delivering in front of audiences of over 3000 people. He’s had the privilege to learn and share the stage with several of the best speakers and trainers from around the world including T.Harv Eker, Jack Canfield and Les Brown to name a few.

Whether you’re an aspiring or seasoned  trainer, speaker or business, health or life coach, Arnon will share with you simple tools and techniques that will get even the coldest most skeptical of audiences to engage, learn and enjoy your sessions whether you’re delivering a short 30 minute talk in front of 5 people or a full on 5 day training in front of 3000 people.

Arnon will show you how to hook your audience, keep them engaged, maintain high energy, remember more and have loads more fun by actually teaching less!

Having mastered the art of accelerated learning techniques also known as super learning, Arnon will help you increase your level of confidence and influence on stage so you can inspire positive change and share your message with the world.

A session NOT to be missed!

“I’m excited to join the ETC faculty. To have this opportunity and help my fellow coaches & trainers become MASTERS in their field so they can add more value, make more impact and change more lives!”

Who is Arnon Barnes

Serial Entrepreneur, Peak Performance Trainer and Business Mentor – Arnon Barnes has built businesses from the age of 11 and became financially free by the age of 28. Inspired by his dynamic life, Arnon has developed signature coaching and training programs that help people reach their full potential and become more successful in life and business. His programs have helped increase productivity, personal and business income with as much as 40% in just a matter of weeks.

Today, Arnon is the CEO of Europe’s most exclusive boutique coaching house and one of Europe’s leading Business Mentors. Arnon has shared the stage with well-knows such as Jack Canfield, Robert Kiyosaki, Nick Vujicic, Jordan Belford, Chris Gardner and Les Brown, just to name a few.. He has also had the privilege to have been trained by and has shared the stage with the one and only, Mr. T. Harv Eker.

He has successfully trained and mentored over 70 000 people in many different areas of business from over 52 different countries around the world. He is a force to be reckoned with and doesn’t think twice about pushing his audience out of their comfort zones. In short, he cuts straight through the BS and will leave your audience positively changed forever!

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