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Build training programs with the strategic approach of a academic professor  

Learning is a Learned behavior. And yet, training is the process of educating. But in many cases, corporate trainers (and others) create cognitive dissonance in business professionals and students by not utilizing similar design and implementation methodologies – or technology tools – used in academia. Simply put, student’s have learned to learn in a very specific way. And they expect those same levels in all of their training programs.

This lecture will walk you through the process of developing comprehensive lesson plans (for individual and group work) using various platforms such as on-ground, online or a hybrid learning model. Other components of the lecture include: tools students rely on during the learning process, developing assessments designed to evaluate student retention levels throughout the course, utilizing multi-media learning to help embed information, and online learning management technology systems to ease the administrative burden for organizations. And finally, also discussed will be how to develop student feedback surveys designed to help improve the key learning objectives of the course versus ancillary components not involved in learning.

“I am thrilled to join the the ETC’s global discussion about training! Corporations with higher “Employee Satisfaction Scores” find that effective training is a component in an employee’s ability to achieve their performance expectations. Because training is critical factor whether it is training a worker or a student.”

Who is Amy Keely

Amy J. Keely’s is an award-winning Marketer, CEO & Professor whose information packed webinars, workshops, seminars & master classes have provided help to both businesses and individuals. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the University of Michigan with an influence in psychology and communication; a Master in Business Administration (MBA) and a Master of Education (M.Ed.); attended Cambridge University in the UK for International Studies; and a Candidate for PhD in Philosophy, Aesthetics and Art Theory. She is writing a book to help businesses avoid the catastrophic failure rates identified by the U.S. Department of Labor and Small Business Administration.

She has over twenty years of business experience working for small businesses as well as billion dollar corporations (such as Kelly Services, Time Warner and Comcast). She has traveled extensively throughout the U.S. and to countries – such as India – for a deeper understanding of global business. She also teaches college courses at business colleges and art schools in the following disciplines: Management, Business/Business Law, Marketing (Advertising, Public Relations, Sales, Customer Service), Human Resources, English, Communications, Photography and Fashion Merchandising (Consumer Behavior, Visual Merchandising, Import/Export Taxation, Inventory & Stock Control, Forecasting, etc.).

Amy’s mother was the first female Engineer at General Motors and her father an Entrepreneur. Amy started her career at age eight running a concession stand at her family’s business. Her parents made her worked her way up from sweeping floors to working in the office. Today, she is grateful for this education because it gave her a strong work ethic, understanding of business and experiences that made it easier for her to advance in her career and educational accomplishments.

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