A Leaking House

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Do you know the expression: “At the plumber’s house all the taps are leaking”? People that are really good at their trade are always working at other people’s houses, leaving no time to fix their own place.

In training and coaching, this principle applies just the same. Skilled trainers and coaches spend all their time focusing on the development of other people’s skills and helping others get ahead. With all the time and energy that takes, there’s often little time left to do their own plumbing!

Too often trainers and coaches can hardly remember the last time they were trained or coached themselves. Not because they don’t want to or need to, but mostly because they don’t pay attention to themselves, the same way the plumber doesn’t fix this own home.

Another reason trainers and coaches don’t focus enough on their own development is the lack of opportunity. When time and energy is not available in abundance, an opportunity for self-development needs to be within easy reach in order for trainers and coaches to grab it.

This is why conferences that provide ample opportunity to both hone your skills and obtain new knowledge, and also provide a place to network with peers, are so incredibly popular wherever they’re organised.

In the US one training conference welcomes over 300 trainers, coaches and training managers annually, while another hosts almost 2000! But in Europe? Our taps are leaking. And we’re not spending the time and effort to upgrade our own home.

This is exactly why the European Training Conference is so important. It provides an opportunity for European trainers and coaches to come together to learn and develop. To increase skills as well as acquire new knowledge. And to network. Increase your visibility and enlarge your network. Come and join us at ETC17.

See you there!

Eric Klaver

Trainer and Event Organiser

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